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Hepatitis A: Brazil is an intermediate endemicity country and prone to hepatitis A outbreaks;​

Hepatitis B: The risk of contracting hepatitis B is likely to be low, except for travellers engaging in high risk behaviours such as tattoos and injecting drug use. Hepatitis B vaccine was introduced into the national immunization schedule in Brazil in 1998;

Typhoid fever: The incidence of typhoid fever in Brazil is highest in the North and North-East, including Amazonas and Manaus which is hosting the Olympic football tournament;

Rabies: The risk of rabies infection in Rio de Janeiro and the remaining five cities hosting the Olympic football tournament is negligible;

Yellow fever: A single, lifetime dose of yellow fever vaccine is recommended for all travellers older than 9 months visiting areas at risk of yellow fever transmission. The vaccination should be conducted at least 10 days before departure. The vaccine confers lifelong protection. Taking into account the recommendations by the Emergency Committee on Yellow Fever, convened under the International Health Regulations (2005) on 19 May 2016, health authorities of Brazil are currently requesting the certificate of vaccination against yellow fever from travellers proceeding from, or transiting, through Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which are currently experiencing yellow fever outbreaks.

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